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Crom Comedy Festival ›

This is what you’re doing this weekend, Omaha. I am performing on Friday, but I think you need to need to check out Saturday as well. Crom Fest: It’s going to be BIG.

OK Party Comedy: OK Party! DN! Denver! ›


We were lucky enough to be featured in the Daily Nebraskan today, go check it out. Thanks to them for the fun interview!

We also received this message from our website this morning that we…

I was at one of those Todd Glass shows. Worst crowd ever, but Todd was wonderful. That being said, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STAND-UP SCENE, FOLKS.


Our live show is ONLINE! Watch us in action!

From the first night of Omaha Comedy Week, at The Waiting Room: “Diversity Night.”

This was a transcendent comedic experience, Omaha. I hope you were there.


Hey Omaha, you better be going to The Waiting Room tonight at 9 to see Brody Stevens. He is fantastic. ENJOY IT!

IDT wrote things...: The word “rape” vs. Comedy ›

My comedy mentor wrote this. You can see why I love and respect him so much.


by Ian Douglas Terry

I’ve recently been at odds with a certain word in the English language, and this word is “rape” and how it fits into the confines of the world of comedy. (Though I perform in a comedy group and do a large amount of comedy shows I do not feel the need to call myself a…

Episode 15: Plug to Hell ›


This week, we invade the home of special guest Zach Peterson (OK Party Comedy/MidBest Podcast), who joins us to talk about one of the greatest shows ever: LOST! We also talk about Zach’s love of vigilante protagonists, Cloverfield, and Tim and Eric. No fuck count this week. That is the price we pay for unedited purity. Enjoy!

An Open Letter...: Tales of Ma'Zar... Book 1: The White Uprising ›

Reblogging this classic!


(I read this at the Fancy Party Comedy show on 3/23/2011 … and it is part of a continuing series that will make me rich on (Imagine me reading it in a sexy voice with some classical European music like Rammstein playing) (I’m also wearing silver pants)

Chapter 1 

Ma’zar made his…